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South Africa stays polio-free

New vaccines are saving South Africa’s children’s lives

The recent introduction of new childhood vaccines in South Africa has cut the number of children under five suffering from life-threatening pneumonia by 70%, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi told Parliament on Tuesday.

Boost for polio campaign in Angola

Angola’s government has enlisted a host of powerful partners, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in renewed efforts to eradicate polio in the country.
Nigeria winning war against polio

South Africa declared polio-free

South Africa has been officially declared free of the preventable, but incurable, childhood disease of polio.

Pushing for a polio-free SA

South Africa has not registered a new polio case since 1992, and aims to be declared polio-free by the World Health Organisation by the end of 2005. Parents are urged to have their children inoculated against the disease - and to do so in good time.


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