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HR Summit employees Ian Dury

HR Summit: Your employees are your brand ambassadors

A company's values, having a social media policy in place, and employees being your customers, were a few of the discussions held at the...

All social partners agree on the need for policy consistency as well as the...

• South Africa is committed to economic and fiscal policy certainty to ensure confidence in the South Africa economy, its people and its market. • This includes...
South Africa launches new industrial policy

South Africa launches new industrial policy

Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies has launched the seventh iteration of the government's Industrial Policy Action Plan. A focus of the annual strategy this year is establishing the Black Industrialists Development Programme over the coming year.

How to build an inclusive South African economy

Moody's recently downgraded its rating of South Africa's economy, but that should not prevent the country from planning for the long term. The idea of long-term goals rather than a short economic cycle had currency at a debate on building an inclusive economy, where the example of Germany's reunification was also flown.

Call to give sign language official status

Call to give sign language official status

South Africa's policy makers should debate the question of whether sign language should be added to the country's list of official languages, President Jacob Zuma said during a meeting marking the culmination of Disability Awareness Month in Nelspruit on Tuesday.
Fiscal prudence 'good news for investors'

Fiscal prudence ‘good news for investors’

The South African government is committed to maintaining prudent fiscal policy, which is good news for investors, BoE Private Clients said following Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's Medium-Term Budget.
We'll weather the storm: Manuel

‘Sound policies will see us through’

South Africa's low level of debt, prudent approach to fiscal policymaking and sound banking system will enable the country to weather the global economic storm, says Finance Minister Trevor Manuel.
Fujitsu Siemens in BEE 'first'

Digital broadcasting one step closer

The government has approved the policy for South Africa's move from analogue to digital television broadcasting, while also approving the local manufacture of set-top conversion boxes.


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