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regulating labour relations

Regulating labour relations

South Africa's labour legislation is among the most progressive in the world, providing for institutions to settle disputes and ensure fairness in the workplace.
south africa national treasury

South Africa’s National Treasury

South Africa's National Treasury seeks to advance economic growth and job creation through appropriate macro-economic, fiscal and financial policies.

South African Reserve Bank

The Reserve Bank and the National Treasury form the monetary authority in South Africa. The Bank has a significant degree of autonomy in terms of SA's Constitution, although it holds regular consultations with the minister of finance.
South Africa's linefish stocks show recovery

South Africans must work for good of economy

President Jacob Zuma referred to our "collective responsibility" to get the economy to perform at its full potential. South Africans can support the economy by buying a locally made products - each purchase stimulates demand and builds our industries and creates jobs.
R2.7-billion youth fund launched

Youth at heart of South Africa’s policies

South Africa has a young - and growing population. It is pouring resources into harnessing the energy and ideas of its youth to bring about the national goal of radical economic transformation. The theme of Youth Month this year speaks to this strategy: Youth moving South Africa forward.
Radical transformation is necessary: Zuma

Radical transformation is necessary: Zuma

In a response to a two-day debate on his State of the Nation address, President Jacob Zuma said industrialisation, boosting agriculture and manufacturing, as well as adding value to the country's mineral wealth, would help open up economic participation to all who live in South Africa.
R10bn jobs-saving initiative

SA looks at pension for low-income earners

Social security for vulnerable workers is being investigated by the Department of Labour, which will seek information on international best practice from the International Labour Organization. A discussion paper will be tabled at Nedlac following approval by the Cabinet.
New laws will streamline SA mining

New laws will streamline SA mining

The One Environmental System, which is aimed at improving the competitiveness of South Africa's mining industry by simplifying procedures for licensing, environmental authorisations and water use, came into effect this week.
South Africa steps up protection for gays

NDP implementation framework unveiled

The government has unveiled a five-year framework for implementing South Africa's National Development Plan (NDP). The framework will focus the government's efforts on a set of manageable programmes as it works to grow the economy while tackling unemployment, poverty and inequality.
Gautrain beats dolomitic challenges

NDP: South Africa to push for ‘Big Fast Results’

The South African government is set to launch an initiative - inspired by the "Big Fast Results" methodology successfully applied by Malaysia - to fast-track the delivery of priorities outlined in the country's National Development Plan, President Jacob Zuma announced in Cape Town on Friday.


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