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Rhino poaching numbers in South Africa continue to grow

Rhino poaching numbers in South Africa continue to grow

The number of rhinos killed in South Africa so far this year has hit 1 020. But South Africa is not sitting on its laurels, a number of interventions put in place to curtail rhino poaching has seen 344 alleged poachers arrested since the beginning of 2014.

Anti-rhino poaching campaign targets suits

Rhinos are being slaughtered to feed a demand for rhino horn powder in southeast Asia. Now a campaign to stop the carnage is appealing to the very people who consume the powder believing it will bring them success. Power comes from yourself; luck comes from hard work, say its role models.

The Cape Wheel

The Cape Wheel, Mantis, Forever Wild partner to save rhinos

Visitors to The Cape Wheel will be able to contribute R5 to save the rhino, thanks to a partnership between the popular tourist destination, Mantis Collection and the Wilderness Foundation.
Rhino poaching syndicate nabbed in Pretoria

Rhino poaching syndicate nabbed in Pretoria

Elite investigative unit The Hawks struck a blow against rhino poaching in South Africa this week, arresting 10 suspected members of a rhino poaching syndicate that has operated across the country.

Conserving a vanishing way of life on safari

With a focus on green initiatives and sustainability, Jock Safari Lodge in the Kruger National Park takes its role seriously. It pays homage to the story of the famous hound and its master, whose love of the bushveld is the stuff of legends. But it also has a very modern sensibility to keep the environment as pristine and wild as possible.

Boost for Addo's marine antipoaching efforts

Boost for Addo’s marine antipoaching efforts

Addo Elephant National Park's marine protection team has a new anti-poaching vessel that will be used to combat illegal fishing and poaching of the threatened abalone species in the protected area around Bird Island, an important breeding ground for gannets, penguins and a variety of marine life.

Buffett’s multimillion-dollar boost to the fight for rhinos

US philanthropist Howard G Buffet, the elder son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, has pledged nearly $24-million for a high-tech three-year initiative to fight rhino poaching in the Kruger National Park and test tactics that could be used against armed militia elsewhere in Africa.

Saving South Africa’s wildlife

Since 1973 the Endangered Wildlife Trust has been working to protect endangered African species from extinction. Its programmes balance humans' needs for resources against those of wild animals by sustainably conserving their habitats.


Thandi, rhino poaching survivor, is pregnant

The rhino that survived an attack by poachers in South Africa's Eastern Cape province last year is pregnant - and reserve staff couldn't be more delighted.

Lions under threat

The king of the jungle is not yet critically endangered, but if conservations efforts are not reinforced, lions may become just a memory. Several organisations work to save the big cats, which are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.
Giving wildlife a sporting chance


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