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Gallery: Tribute wall at Mandela hospital

People from across South Africa, the continent of Africa and the world have left moving tributes to Nelson Mandela outside the Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria.
Nelson Mandela: A timeline

The everyday beauty of Soweto

South African photographer Jodi Bieber has a special ability to bring out the beauty in the ordinary, even the disfigured. On the cover of Time magazine she made a mutilated Afghani girl look beautiful, and in her latest book Soweto she makes everyday township life shine.
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Gallery: South Africa at 2010 Expo Shanghai

View and download in high resolution photographs of South Africa's pavilion at the massive Expo 2010 Shanghai, a six-month fair showcasing the best the countries of the world can offer held in the largest centre of commerce and finance on mainland China, and expected to attract 100-million visitors.
Gallery: Brand South Africa at Davos

Alf Khumalo: 5 decades in photos

Alf Khumalo: 5 decades in photos

To take a photograph is to aspire to an art form. To have taken pictures of the most prominent South African leaders of the past five decades, from Albert Luthuli to Thabo Mbeki - that is a privilege, says internationally renowned photograher Alf Khumalo.
It's about us

It’s about us

It's a book about us, a collection of photographs about living in South Africa that make us "smile, laugh, feel proud and occasionally cry" - by Pierre Crocquet, a professional photographer who has joined the Proudly South African campaign.


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