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South African PhD student describes new dinosaur

South African PhD student describes new dinosaur

A Wits University student is one of the authors of a report published in Scientific Reports that describes a new dinosaur found on a Free State farm. Named Pulanesaurus eocollum, it was "relatively small' at 8m long and weighing 5 tons.

South African student Buyisiwe Sondezi makes history

Dr Buyisiwe Sondezi is a rare breed. The University of Johannesburg student overcame early stumbling blocks as a young learner to become the first woman in Africa to be awarded a doctoral degree in experimental physics of highly correlated matter.

A ‘disruptive’ technology: Sandile Ngcobo’s world-first digital laser

Breakthrough experimental work by University of KwaZulu-Natal scientist Sandile Ngcobo as part of his PhD research has led to the development of a world-first digital laser set to open up revolutionary new technologies.

Boost for knowledge economy

South African universities have teamed up with their Dutch counterparts to develop a course aimed at improving PhD supervision. Better and more doctoral supervisors, it is believed, will increase the number of PhD students.
Cross-continental collaboration


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