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Improved water testing kit ensures water safety

Rhodes University's Dr Catherine Luyt has made significant improvements to a water testing kit that will allow rural residents to make sure their drinking water is safe to use. 

The battle against Big Pharma for cheap drugs

Drug makers are fighting attempts to change the patent laws in South Africa that would allow cheaper generics on to the market – life-saving medication to treat life-threatening diseases. There is precedent for the country, however, in a ruling by the Indian Supreme Court over the patent for cancer drug Gleevec.

Health tips for travellers

Adcock Ingram in R1.3bn BEE deal

South African pharmaceutical company Adcock Ingram has unveiled a black economic empowerment deal in which a 13% stake in the company, worth about R1.3-billion, will be transferred to two empowerment partners and the company's black employees.

Indian pharma enters SA market

Indian pharmaceutical firm Marico has entered the South African consumer products market by buying Enaleni Pharmaceuticals' consumer division, which owns several personal care and health brands targeting the ethnic market, for R92.8-million.


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