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Eskom to study electric cars

A three-year research project has been set up by Eskom and Nissan intended to prepare the national electricity supplier for the impact of electric vehicles on its grid. 
Easy way to back renewable energy

Green service station piloted in South Africa

Global fuel giant Total has expressed its commitment to investment in South Africa, and has unveiled the first of its new chain of eco-friendly service stations.
Portable plant makes fuel from waste

South Africa eyes cleaner fuels by 2013

Fuel prices pushed by weaker rand

The prices of petrol, diesel and illuminating paraffin will all go up by between 30 and 40 cents per litre on Wednesday, with a drop in crude oil prices being negated by a deteriorating rand/ dollar exchange rate.
Are you ready for cleaner petrol?

Are you ready for cleaner petrol?

From the beginning of 2006, all leaded petrol will be phased out in South Africa and new octane grades introduced. Although most modern cars already use unleaded petrol, drivers of pre-1996 cars should check whether their cars will run on the new fuels.


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