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Dyer Island Trust teaches people to protect marine heritage

The team at Dyer Island Conservation Trust knows that it takes a community to protect marine life and heritage; it is not a job for one organisation. The Western Cape group engages with local communities and tourists, teaching them about how to save our oceans and its creatures.

Race the penguins on Robben Island

Take a boat to the venue, dodge penguins crossing the road, and hope that the southwester doesn't blow you off your feet: the Tri-Rock Robben Island, set for its second instalment in mid-October, is a triathlon race like no other.

Boulders penguins’ promised land

Eaten by sailors, robbed of their island homes by guano hunters, starved by commercial fishing and decimated by oil spills, African penguins have found a new home on Cape Town’s Boulders beach – and are very much part of the human community.
Cape Town's responsible tourism

Boulders penguins' promised land

Boulders penguins’ promised land

Cape Town's Boulders Beach, part of the Table Mountain National Park, is home to a much-photographed, much-loved and much-maligned colony of African penguins.
Slow down - penguins crossing!

Slow down – penguins crossing!

Cape Town is to install signs on Simonstown's Main Road warning motorists of feathered pedestrians on walkabout from Boulders Beach, the only national park land in the country that is located in the middle of a city.


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