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16 June 1976: 'This is our day'

‘We must write our own history’

Arts and Culture Minister Paul Mashatile has encouraged South Africans, especially those who were part of the liberation struggle, to help preserve the country's heritage by writing more books about the political history of South Africa.

Celebrate SA’s rich heritage

Heritage Day is a solemn occasion to remember our past - both its tragic and triumphant moments - as well as a day to celebrate our colourful diversity. Have a braai, go on a tour, visit a museum, or attend an official event.

SA to show off culture in France

The reciprocal leg of the cultural exchange Saisons croisées France-Afrique du Sud, which began in June 2012 with French events in South Africa, swings into action between May and December 2013.
A map fit for a king

'Yarn bombing' for World Aids Day

‘Yarn bombing’ for World Aids Day

Arts and Culture Minister Paul Mashatile will mark World Aids Day on Saturday by joining in the "yarn bombing" of a tree at the Hillcrest Aids Centre outside Durban.

Nigeria invites South Africa to do business

Co-operation between South Africa and Nigeria is pivotal to the growth of the continent – this is the message that came out of a dialogue hosted by the Financial Times and the Nigerian High Commission.
Shaping Africa’s transformation

The road to a unified nation

Nation building will accelerate if people view themselves as South Africans first and foremost – this is one of the issues that came out of the recently concluded Social Cohesion Summit.
Born free to dream

Khoisan couple home at last

The remains of a Khoisan couple brought home after more than 100 years has a special significance as the country prepares to celebrate Freedom Day, said the Department of Arts and Culture.
Cash boost for Baartman memorial

Gauteng teams up with Renault

The Gauteng Provincial Government is partnering with one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers to improve the province’s appeal as an investment and tourism destination.


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