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Become involved in the change you want – Radebe

"If we are to overcome the devastating legacy of the past, communities must take responsibility for our development," writes Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe on the eve of South Africa's annual State of the Nation Address.

Reconciliation Day: Time to join hands in the spirit of Ubuntu

"Reconciliation requires of us to confront our past and educate fellow South Africans of the past wrongs committed against black people," writes Jeff Radebe, Minister in the Presidency. "A major step towards reconciliation is to acknowledge that apartheid was a crime against humanity."

Foreign journalists get the inside story

Preconceptions were blown out the water when a group of reporters landed in Johannesburg on their first visit to South Africa. The city – and indeed the country – was not what they had expected. And in turn, they intend on informing their readers back home about their positive experiences.

Bloggers take a trip back to humanity’s origins

A group of foreign bloggers, visiting South Africa to find out more about the country's innovation and technology sector, were given a special insight into Africa as the cradle of human evolution with physical theatre presented by the Palaeontological Scientific Trust.

Africa must learn from its past: Manuel

Africa must learn from its past: Manuel

As a continent, Africa needs to pause and reflect on the history of the past 50 years and begin to develop lessons for the next 50 years, National Planning Minister Trevor Manuel said at the African Renaissance Conference in Durban on Thursday.
Durban has a bumper year for visitors

Projects and events

Brand South Africa supports a number of initiatives to create a positive image of the country and the continent. We build relationships, showcase South Africa's innovation, highlight its investment potential and engage with citizens on significant topics.

Brand South Africa 2012 Media Tours

Brand South Africa 2012 Media Tour  Brand South Africa hosts a group of journalists from the United Arab Emirates; presenting the country’s strong business environment,...


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