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South Africa’s heritage is world class

South Africa has eight World Heritage Sites, places identified by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to be of "outstanding value to humanity".

Eastern Cape to get first botanical garden

The Eastern Cape province is set to get its first national botanical garden. It will be situated at the Kwelera Nature Reserve, part of the greater East London Coastal Nature Reserve.
Kirstenbosch best place to picnic

World heritage in South Africa

The oldest visible meteor crater on earth. The island prison that held Nelson Mandela. The remains of an ancient African city state. Evidence of the earliest humans, and the richest and most beautiful collection of cave paintings south of the Sahara. South Africa is home to eight Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Parks that transcend borders

R500m boost for SA parks

South African National Parks has been allocated R574.9-million to develop infrastructure and improve facilities in the country's nature reserves for the 2010 Fifa World Cup and beyond.

People, poverty and parks

Following a call by Nelson Mandela to make protected areas useful for poverty alleviation, the fifth World Parks Congress in Durban has passed a number of recommendations on poverty and protected areas, challenging the conventional approach of excluding people and prohibiting resource use within protected areas.
Parks that transcend borders

People & parks in South Africa

South Africa set itself the target of increasing land under formal conservation from 5.4% in 1994 to 8% by 2010. The country is well on track, with close on 400 000 hectares having been added, and plans to designate a further 121 000 hectares - in what would be the single largest proclamation of land for the country's national parks since 1931.

SA, Namibia cross-border park

South Africa and Namibia have signed a treaty establishing one of the largest conservation parks in southern Africa, spanning over 5 000 square kilometres and featuring the world's second-largest canyon, spectacular desert scenery, and one of the most species-rich arid zones in the world.
Parks that transcend borders

Parks that transcend borders

One of the biggest conservation areas in the world has been signed officially into being, with SA, Mozambique and Zimbabwe leading the way in one of the boldest cross-border initiatives currently unfolding in southern Africa: the development of transfrontier parks.


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