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paragliding south africa

Paragliding in South Africa

If you're into paragliding or hang gliding, South Africa has a real treat in store for you. From the amazing thermals of the hot Northern Cape to the fantastic ridge soar and scenic flying of the coastal provinces ... the sky is the limit!
skydiving in south africa

Skydiving in South Africa

If you're a skydiver, you know all about adrenaline addiction and the pull of gravity - so don't miss out on the chance of a quick jump while you're on holiday in South Africa!
SA hotspots among world's best

Video: Paragliding in Cape Town

Experience Cape Town from a whole new perspective ... from above! Join us as we take off from Lion's Head for an aerial adventure second to none with Cape Town Tandem Paragliding.

The adventure starts here

  Skydiving over Cape Town (Image: Tim-O-T, Skydive Cape Town, copyright Thutch Productions) Let the adventure begin. Whatever your preference, South Africa has all the adventure...


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