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South Africa’s youth shine at Children’s Monologues charity benefit

The Children's Monologues is a spoken-word performance piece of soliloquies and testimonies of South African children about their country, performed by some of the...
South African photographer documents pantsula

South African photographer documents pantsula

South African photographer and filmmaker Chris Saunders has spent the last six years documenting the evolution of pantsula dancing. His images have been seen around the world, outlining the dance's history as well as its significance as a positive African youth culture.

Pantsula crew goes global

dance---thumbThe Indigenous Academy of Dance is earning an international name for pantsula, the urban dance style that epitomises black township youth. Its dancers feature in the new music video of the British award-winning jazz band, Sons of Kemmet.

Pantsula: from Soweto to New York

Homegrown street jive pantsula will soon be making its international debut as fledgling dance duo Skeleton Pantsula hits the Big Apple. With agile acrobatics and fancy footwork, the twosome is sure to win appreciative fans.
South African music

Gallery: South African rhythm in Soweto

The rhythm of South African music and dance is best experienced on the streets of Soweto, the country’s largest and most famous township. The skilled, lithe movements of pantsula dancers, traditional tribal displays and impeccably timed brass band parades are just some of the attractions that are delighting streams of tourists and local spectators alike.


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