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Hoops 4 Hope scores a win for youth

chiladiddo---thumbYoung people at risk in townships and in poor rural villages are finding a way to grow into more well-rounded adults through Hoops 4 Hope. Using sport, it develops physical health and emotional and mental well-being for about 10 000 children a year.

South Africa on the right track: report

Community child care workers ‘filling a huge gap’

The government's Isibindi outreach programme, which deploys trained community-based child and youth care workers to provide support and protection to vulnerable children and families across South Africa, has helped nearly 90 000 children in its first year of operation.
Scoring quietly

Scoring quietly, scoring big

Sports Coaches' Outreach (Score), founded in 1991 by American Olympic rower Juliet Thompson, has, with little fanfare, exposed hundreds of thousands of South African children to sports and coaching that they would otherwise never have experienced - by mobilising volunteers from around the world.


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