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Ostrich chases cyclists in Cape Town

Cyclists training for the prestigious Cape Town Cycle Tour were joined by a speeding ostrich. Oleksiy Mishchenko captured the precious footage on his head cam. The clip has gone viral globally and has received over a million views on YouTube already.

Botswana revives ostrich farming

South Africa is known internationally as the leader in ostrich farming. Now the country’s neighbour, Botswana, is to revive ostrich farming through its new Ostrich Out-grower programme, under the guidance of the Department of Animal Health and Production.

Ostrich eggs hatch art fad

The shells of a chicken’s egg are considered a fragile material but an ostrich egg is made of sturdier stuff and an artist in the Karoo is using these discarded shells to make sought-after mosaic art works.

Ostrich farmers hold heads high

Ostrich farmers hold heads high

South Africa's ostrich industry may have had its wings clipped by international competitition, but experts say the country can maintain its dominant position in the global market - and that the industry presents a key opportunity for emerging farmers.


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