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KhoiSan origin tells us 'race' has no place in human ancestry

KhoiSan origin tells us ‘race’ has no place in human ancestry

Evidence suggests that sub-Saharan human populations retain genetic bits and pieces of DNA from non-KhoiSan primordial humans. If DNA samples were compared from humans around the world, the relationship would look more like a chain link, rather than a tree that branches out.

Foreign journalists get the inside story

Preconceptions were blown out the water when a group of reporters landed in Johannesburg on their first visit to South Africa. The city – and indeed the country – was not what they had expected. And in turn, they intend on informing their readers back home about their positive experiences.

Bloggers take a trip back to humanity’s origins

A group of foreign bloggers, visiting South Africa to find out more about the country's innovation and technology sector, were given a special insight into Africa as the cradle of human evolution with physical theatre presented by the Palaeontological Scientific Trust.

A trek to the start of time

It will probe the edges of our universe. It will be a virtual time machine, helping scientists explore the origins of galaxies. It's the Square Kilometre Array, and South Africans are at the heart of its development.
African eyes on the universe

Tracing the origins of humankind

A research project involving a small group of indigenous people from the Karoo region of South Africa, who carry within their DNA a direct link to human ancestors of 100 000 years ago, is providing valuable information on human migratory history.

South African theatre

  The Playmakers, a statue by Ernest Ullman, reflected in the windows of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre. (Image: Chris Kirchhoff, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com. For more free photos, visit the image...


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