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2010 Fifa World Cup: success stories

2010 stadiums: mission accomplished

After six years of sustained hard work and intense global scrutiny of their ability to deliver, South Africa's nine host cities have produced 10 World Cup stadiums - matching and exceeding international standards - which will soon be known to television viewers the world over.

‘World, welcome!’ – Jacob Zuma on 2010

With the stadiums all approaching completion and the 32 teams for the 2010 Fifa World Cup decided, Organising Committee CEO Danny Jordaan speaks to South African President Jacob Zuma on the eve of the Final Draw in Cape Town.
Fans 'blown away' by atmosphere

2010: over 650 000 tickets sold

Over 650 000 tickets to the 2010 Fifa World Cup have been sold so far. Nearly half of these were bought by overseas fans, with the main foreign interest coming from the US, UK and Germany.


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