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Malunga follows the music

A classically trained pianist and cellist who has put in years as an entertainment lawyer, Unathi Malunga is adding new notes to her score. She is studying orchestral conducting, and plans to be the first black African woman to conduct a professional orchestra.

The joy of music reigns in Kinshasa’s veins

Self-taught and using patched-up, homemade and reverse engineered instruments, the Orchestre Symphonique Kimbanguiste is doing something extraordinary. The only all-black orchestra in the world – and the only orchestra at all in central Africa – it is revelling in the beauty of classical music.

South African youth orchestra set to wow Europe

After many years of honing their craft, young musicians from the Pretoria-based music education organisation Music is a Great Investment (Miagi) are making their mark on the European stage.
Building bridges with classical music

Viva the vuvuzela orchestra!

South Africa's iconic vuvuzela trumpet, the symbol of football in the country, may have a special role to play in the 2010 Fifa World Cup – if traditional music man Pedro Espi-Sanchis has anything to do with it.

Experience Africa's oldest sound

Experience Africa’s oldest sound

The internationally acclaimed Imilonji kaNtu Choral Society, the Traditional African Orchestra and Drumstruck team up for two nights only in the African Sound Experience, a unique melding of voices, drums and traditional African instruments, some of which have all but disappeared from the continent's repertoire.


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