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Two decades of freedom

South Africans and all freedom-loving people have been urged to observe Freedom Friday in the run-up to the anniversary of 20 years of democracy. Wear something to show your pride in being South African. Other initiatives are 20 Hours of Volunteerism, Wikipedia Wordathon, and 20 Memorable Moments.

The road to freedom

 Show your colours on Fridays, South Africa. In the run-up to Freedom Day, marking 20 years of democracy, people have been urged to wear something showing their national pride every Friday. There are plenty of other initiatives, too.

//hapo tells the story of Africa

Africa’s story began more than three billion years ago. It is a story of survival, hope, courage, oppression and ultimately freedom. //hapo, at Freedom Park Museum in Pretoria, explores it all.
Ancient culture from the Border Cave


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