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Maboneng moves to Ghana

Visionary property developer Jonathan Liebmann – who styles himself a true urbanist – is looking for local partners to take his Maboneng model of mixed use urban development to Accra. The Maboneng Precinct in Joburg is building a new way to live in the inner city.

'Unprecedented' interest in Africa news

BBC opens pan-Africa office in Joburg

British public broadcaster the BBC is opening a new pan-Africa Business Unit in Johannesburg this month, Peter Horrocks, the director of BBC Global News, announced at the Highway Africa Conference in Grahamstown, South Africa on Sunday.
Absa's eco-friendly office tower

Absa’s eco-friendly office tower

The Absa Campus, located in downtown Johannesburg and home to the bank's headquarters, consumes at least 12MW of electricity a day - but hardly any of this is drawn from South Africa's national grid.
Googling South Africa

Google to set up shop in SA

Google has taken its South African market seriously for some time now: Google.co.za offers searches in four of the country's 11 official languages (besides English). Now the world's most popular search engine is planning to open an office in SA.


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