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South Africa and Russia sign nuclear deal

South Africa and Russia sign nuclear deal

The two Brics countries have agreed to co-operate in training personnel for the South African nuclear power industry, as well as on enhancing public awareness of nuclear energy in South Africa. Russia will offer training and internships to South African students and teachers.
R1.6bn upgrade for Koeberg

South Africa to start nuclear buy

Nuclear power is definitely on the agenda for South Africa, and the country will begin its nuclear buy programme later this year. In preparation, it has started a training programme with a number of other countries, with a group of students already studying in China.
South Africa moves ahead with nuclear new build plans

South Africa moves ahead with nuclear new build plans

The third and final nuclear vendor parade workshop will take place with Canada and Japan this month. South Africa is looking at pressurised water reactor nuclear technology, similar to what it has safely used at Koeberg for the past 30 years.
South Africa leads the way at Safari-1

South Africa leads the way at Safari-1

More than two decades ago, Safari-1 was the first nuclear research reactor in the world to turn its back on weapons grade fuel. Leading the Atoms for Peace charge, South Africa is the only country to give up nuclear weapons in favour of science. Safari-1 turned 50 this month.

Power ships may ease South Africa’s energy woes

Power ships are proving to be a quick-fix temporary solution to electricity constraints around the world. In Africa, they are used to good effect in Ghana. The floating power stations are either anchored off shore or moored at quayside and transmit power through cables or transmission lines.

US govt contract for SA medical isotopes

‘Significant progress’ for SA’s nuclear programme

A tender process for the building of new nuclear power stations in South Africa will soon be introduced as the government wraps up workshops with potential vendor countries, such as Russia, France, China, South Korea and the US, the Presidency said on Wednesday.

Necsa unpacks the benefits of nuclear energy

When it comes to South Africa's nuclear energy plans, there are two major issues to consider: the country is not producing enough science, technology and engineering graduates, and what to do with nuclear waste, the real nightmare for many people. Work is being done on these, says Necsa's chief, in the second of a two-parter interview.

Nuclear power holds promise for South Africa

There are many positive benefits to nuclear energy, not least of which is enough power to end load shedding and blackouts. But there is strong resistance to the idea of nuclear. "People need to understand that we are not a scary industry; we are in your everyday world," says the head of Necsa in the first of a two-parter interview.

21 years on

21 years on, SA remains ‘lesson in nuclear disarmament’

South Africa dismantled its nuclear weapons programme in 1993 - and the country's progressive disarmament policies continue to play a significant role in the global nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation regime.
Chinese firms urged to invest in SA

China shows interest in South Africa’s nuclear plans

Energy Minister Ben Martins and the vice administrator of China's National Energy Commission, Tan Rongyao, met in Cape Town on Tuesday to discuss China's interest in participating in South Africa's nuclear energy projects.


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