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Play Your Part Roadshow Cube

Play Your Part Cube makes its way to North West

Brand South Africa is inviting young and old in North West to engage with the Play Your Part Cube in the latest edition of...

Take action and help each other

Water thumbActive citizenry is needed to overcome the challenges facing the country in helping all residents to realise their human rights, from access to water to equality.

Abramjee: South Africans, Play Your Part this Human Rights Month

Abramjee thumbOperation Hydrate's Yusuf Abramjee calls on all residents of South Africa to be patriotic, be good citizens and uphold the country's Constitution, despite the challenges the country faces.

New South African telescope to promote the sciences

New South African telescope to promote the sciences

A new telescope installed at North West University is expected to help find answers to some of the age-old questions humans ask, such as where do we come from. It will also be used in outreach efforts to inspire an interest among students and others in the sciences.
North West gets a solar-powered health centre

North West gets a solar-powered health centre

A rural community in South Africa's North West province has received a solar-powered health centre, an initiative set up through a partnership between local government and Samsung Electronics. The aim is to improve the overall health of the community.
2004 National Orders awards

Technology helps to motivate pupils, say top teachers

Teachers across South Africa are turning away from the traditional blackboard and are plugging into technology in their attempts to become better educators. Along the way, they have found that learning is more fun, and that children are keener to get to grips with their education.

Investing in North West province

North West, strategically located between Botswana in the west and the economic powerhouse of Gauteng in the east, is known as the Platinum Province for the wealth of the metal it has underground. It also offers a sophisticated tourist industry and agricultural abundance.

Ambulances just for pregnant women

The North West province has stepped in to curb maternal and infant mortality, thanks to the establishment of maternity waiting homes and a new fleet of 10 obstetric ambulances.
Mama puts power in mom’s hands

Local industry leads at North West summit

North West, one of the country's agricultural and mining powerhouses, was the latest province to host a Brand South Africa stakeholder summit. The event took place on 28 November 2011.
Brand South Africa breaks ground in Free State

Hiking across South Africa to find ubuntu

To find out exactly what it is that unites South Africans, Sonja Kruse decided to hitchhike across the country for a year – starting out with only R100 (U$14,42) in her back pocket.
Ubuntu against xenophobia


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