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Telling our African stories

The launch of African Independent, by Independent Media, diversifies the media landscape by offering a space to tell stories for Africans, by Africans. Jovial Rantao heads up the editorial team, and he says it is his "big African baby".

The world’s newspapers celebrate Mandela’s life

President of the world! That’s today’s headline in the Sun, a British tabloid that usually dishes silly scandal. Today, newspapers across the world - from tabloids to highbrow broadsheets - are all respectfully honouring Nelson Mandela, the man who brought the hope of peace not only to South Africa, but to the world.

A guide to South African newspapers

South Africa is well served by a robust and diverse press, with newspapers that range from hefty political reads to edgier urban dailies. Here is a comprehensive look at all the major titles in the country.

Uganda’s media industry on a roll

Uganda’s Vision Group is planning to overhaul the process of printing newspapers in the East African country following the acquisition of a high-capacity R65.6-million (US$9-million) printing press.
Google’s SMS internet for Uganda

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The media in South Africa

South Africa is a media-savvy nation, saturated with print, broadcast and online offerings. Sections in this article:Introduction Media consumers Media owners The future Press...

The press in South Africa

There are 23 daily and 14 weekly major urban newspapers in South Africa, most published in English. There are also a number of regional...


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