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Map to help travellers 'walk in Mandela's footsteps'

Follow the journey of Nelson Mandela

Madiba's Journey is a free to download app, available for Apple and Android devices, that features 27 tourist attractions and sites of memory inspired by his life. It also has audio so the user can be immersed in the story, as well as images, practical visitor details and rewards for checking in.

‘Goodness exists – greatness is possible, within a human being’

"Madiba is an ordinary human being. He, himself, questions: 'Don't you think they are exaggerating all these things they are saying about me?' The reason the world puts him at that level is because we need to feel greatness, and goodness. Yes, goodness exists – greatness is possible, within a human being."

“The excitement never left us”

Ahead of Freedom Day on 27 April, and the 18th anniversary of the new South Africa, political activist Amina Cachalia shares her memories of Nelson Mandela's inauguration as the country's first democratically elected president.

Book brings Mandela's quotes to life

Book brings Mandela’s quotes to life

Nelson Mandela's new book, Conversations with Myself, draws from the great man's vast personal archive to offer an unprecedented insight into his remarkable life, giving readers access to the private man behind the public figure.


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