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Tag: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Mandela: the name that will live on

From fossils to flowers, money to museums, and statues to streets, Nelson Mandela's name lives on in various ways throughout the world.

New medical school for Eastern Cape

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University plans to have a fully fledged medical school running by 2020. The university is introducing new medical courses to meet community needs across the province.
Raising the profile of mental health

NMMU moves to minimise internet fraud

Internet banking fraud is on the rise all over the world – but a team from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University has developed a possible solution, using just a USB stick.
Social media to help Nigerian poll

Long-life flowers a blooming success

Innovative technology to extend the shelf life of fresh flowers, developed by the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, is helping to boost job creation, develop skills and establish new market opportunities for South Africa’s flower industry.
Floral wealth in caring hands


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