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Australian ‘cook-up’ for Mandela Day

Australians also heeded the call to action on Nelson Mandela International Day with the launch of the Mandela's Day Kitchen, a massive cook-up at a a community kitchen facility in Sydney, which resulted in 670 meals being made in 67 minutes to the benefit of local communities.

Madiba’s life captured in art

Ahead of Nelson Mandela International Day on 18 July, art is being used to celebrate the life of South Africa’s iconic former president and anti-apartheid activist in his 94th year, and tell the story of a life dedicated to the struggle for freedom.
ConCourt art tells South Africa's story

Cheesekids ready for Mandela Day

Youth NGO Cheesekids for Humanity is set to be a leading force in encouraging young South Africans to spring into action for their 67 minutes of goodwill work on the upcoming Nelson Mandela International Day.
‘Make every day Mandela Day’ in 2011


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