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Tag: Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory

Remembering Mandela: living the legacy

International Nelson Mandela Day is in danger of becoming a day for "do-gooding". It is much more than this, however; it is a day on which people are encouraged to start changing the world. With this in mind, the UN is asking people everywhere to speak out about their priorities through its survey, My World.

Gender equality under the spotlight

A recent dialogue session in Tshwane explored gender equality and the empowerment of women, and discussed related elements that will help to build South Africa into a truly cohesive nation.
South African women beat global peers

Madiba’s legacy is forever

The Centre of Memory will keep alive Mandela's ideals and principles. It is a store of his history, and a space for dialogue on the present and future. The Children's Fund is investing in that future, through various programmes focused on the poor and vulnerable.
Mandela posters show world's respect

Renovated Mandela archive

The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory “needs to be interpreted in new ways by new generations”. The objective of the revamped centre is to document the fragmented Mandela archive, and “ultimately to ensure it is made available to the public”.
Robben Island revisited digitally

How does Mandela Day inspire you?

The recent launch of the annual International Mandela Day is a reminder to us all that giving to others requires little effort when you consider what the man did for the nation.
Schools to benefit for Mandela Day 


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