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Get casual and celebrate our differences

Tech thumbCasual Day organisers are gearing up for another busy year, with the highlight being the annual Casual Day campaign. The project raises funds for people of all ages with all disabilities. It also raises awareness of disability, and helps to reduce stigma and discrimination.

Nappy Run donates nappies to childcare centre

Each year the Nappy Run collects thousands for nappies for childcare centres that need them; this year they handed 4 000 nappies over to the Nkanyezi Stimulation Centre in Orlando West. 

Join the Nappy Run to help disabled kids

Ahead of National Children's Day on 3 November, the need to provide assistance to children with disabilities is at an all time high, and The Nappy Run campaign aims to raise awareness of their circumstances and living conditions, and appeals to the public to donate nappies of all sizes.


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