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Sensory garden will be haven for blind learners

Sensory-Garden1---thumbThe sensory garden at Athlone School for the Blind will promote education and exposure to biodiversity. The pupils will also be involved in maintaining it and nurturing the plants.

Grootbos champions South Africa's biodiversity

Grootbos champions South Africa’s biodiversity

Grootbos Nature Reserve is one of five African destinations on National Geographic's Unique Lodges of the World list - three from South Africa and two from Tanzania. It has also been nominated for an international Tourism for Tomorrow Award for its conservation programmes.
SA conservationist Ian Player dies

SA conservationist Ian Player dies, aged 87

Ian Player "worked tirelessly, fully committed to his life’s work of nature conservation and his quest to understand the human spirit and psyche", the Wilderness Foundation said of its 87-year-old founder, who passed away peacefully at his home on Sunday.
Klerksdorp earthquake: mining or nature?

Klerksdorp earthquake: mining or nature?

The recent earthquake in South Africa's North West province was most likely a natural earthquake triggered by decades of mining activity, and might require a rethink of building codes in mining areas, experts said during a recent panel discussion hosted by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

Small-scale farms grow African women’s income

Small-scale farms grow African women's incomeRun by PhD candidate Kenalemang Kgoroeadira, Thojane Organic Farm combines traditional African knowledge with modern permaculture techniques to produce retail-worthy organic produce and a sustainable source of income.

Africa most vulnerable to climate change

Climate change need not spell disaster for Africa, a panel of experts agrees. But to mitigate its effects, strong enforcement of laws needs to be put in place, and urban planning needs to be modernised and include urban green planning. Trees must be planted and open spaces preserved.

SA improves travel, tourism competitiveness

This year's World Economic Forum Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report included 35 African countries. South Africa outranks more developed countries in a number of aspects.
Grooming the future of tourism

Teaching people to work with nature

A sustainable architectural installation, designed to show how healthy ecosystems can help communities cope with climate change, was unveiled at the Durban Botanic Gardens as part of the COP17 climate change conference.
Top green rating for SA building

Bafana brilliant in Paraguay win

Cape Town gets new nature reserves

The City of Cape Town is set to acquire two new nature reserves, while a third existing reserve is to be expanded - this forms part of an ambitious plan to proclaim 15 new reserves in the region.
Mozambique gets new reserve

World’s largest nature area, in Africa

A vast transfrontier park of almost 450 000 square kilometres, stretching over five Southern African countries and connecting 36 national parks and other managed areas, has been signed into being.
New deal to protect Mapungubwe site



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