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Rhino poaching numbers in South Africa continue to grow

SA takes strides against rhino poaching

In 2014, 1 215 rhino were killed by poachers in South Africa. But there has been some success: the National Prosecuting Authority got a 61% conviction rate in the year against poachers, and cross-border co-operation led to arrests in Europe. The translocation programme is also a success.

The Pistorius case and South Africa’s legal system

There has been huge media interest, local and international, in the case around Paralympian Oscar Pistorius. There has also been some puzzlement about South Africa's legal system - including the absence of trial by jury, and the difference between so-called schedule 5 and schedule 6 crimes. Here's a quick clarification.
SA's child porn tip-off website

Anti child porn strategy on the cards

The government, the South African Police Service and the National Prosecuting Authority are working on a protocol on protecting children against pornography, with a focus on advocacy and law enforcement.


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