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The National Development Plan: Downloads

South Africa's National Development Plan is a detailed blueprint for how the country can eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by the year 2030. Download key documents about the plan, the Medium Term Strategic Framework to implement priorities by 2019, and broader policy initiatives to move South Africa forward.

Vision 2030 South Africa National Development Plan

A vision for 2030: South Africa’s National Development Plan

Sixteen years. In that time South Africa will be a very different country, if the goals of Vision 2030, as set out in the National Development Plan, are met. The aim, among others, is to eliminate poverty and create 11-million jobs by the year 2030.

Brand South Africa supports governance debate

At the Brand South Africa Competitiveness Forum governance and leadership breakaway, delegates debated how to improve the country’s competitiveness through nation branding and good governance.

South Africa’s reputation in the spotlight

Delegates gathered at a Brand South Africa workshop ahead of the South African Competitiveness Forum to compare and align their approaches to building and maintaining the country’s reputation abroad

Brand South Africa, churches work together

At the recent National Church Leaders’ Consultation Programme, Brand South Africa’s Leo Makgamathe presented the organisation’s goals, highlighting church leaders’ roles in building a better country.

Ramaphosa explains the National Development Plan

In his address at the National Development Plan lecture, deputy chairperson of the National Planning Commission Cyril Ramaphosa urged South Africa to first build an inclusive economy as a foundation for its struggle against poverty and inequality.

Capital expenditure remains robust

Business welcomes new Cabinet

South African President Jacob Zuma's new Cabinet appointments, along with a restructuring of government departments and the creation of a National Planning Commission to co-ordinate their work, have won widespread praise from business.


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