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South Africa's west coast explodes in colour

South Africa’s west coast explodes in colour

It's "flower safari" time as South Africa's West Coast National Park prepares for its annual influx of visitors, come to see the spectacular spring flower displays that take place every August and September.

Villagers benefit from well-heeled visitors

In a small village outside Kruger National Park, education, health care, employment and sustainability are key. Along with wildlife conservation, a safari lodge is putting into practice its social principles in creating a positive culture within the community.

Getting the point of travel

Photo: What's the PointBy Anne Taylor 22 August 2013Photo: What's the PointCathy Withers and Terry Hardwick have a deep passion for Cape Point National Park...

The king returns to Cradock

Wild lions have been released in the Mountain Zebra National Park after they were hunted to extinction in the area more than a century ago. The zebra population is now a healthy 800, along with several large antelope species, enough to support the lions.
Addo’s elephant fence comes down

Black rhinos return to Serengeti

In May five Eastern black rhinos were released into Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park after a lengthy stay in South Africa, where they were being kept safe from poachers.
Rhinos return to Uganda

Film body eyes Garden Route

The Cape Film Commission has big plans for the Garden Route, the picturesque strip of South Africa's southeastern coast renowned for its natural beauty.

Garden Route’s new national park

South Africa’s new Garden Route National Park, some 121 000 hectares made up of a number of existing parks as well additional land, will offer an innovative model of conservation management in the country – and the chance to run the length of the famous Otter Trail.

Blown away by Mapungubwe

Mapungubwe National Park

SA's newest national park covers 28 000 hectares at the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe Rivers, boasts incredible natural and cultural riches, and forms part of an ambitious project to develop a transfrontier conservation area spanning three countries.
Blown away by Mapungubwe

Blown away by Mapungubwe

Lucille Davie pays a visit to the "place of the stone of wisdom", home to South Africa's first kingdom, recently declared a World Heritage Site and now part of South Africa's newest national park - and finds herself unprepared for its historical potency and natural beauty.

Bigger, better Marakele Park

A new enlarged Marakele National Park has been launched in Limpopo province as part of SA National Parks' programme to increase South Africa's protected areas to 10% of land mass by 2010. The park is the result of a private-public deal, the first of its kind in the country and a potential model for future biodiversity management in SA.


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