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Rural doctors are a prescription for good health

Rural health care workers in South Africa are a hardy, dedicated lot. They travel great distances and often have to make do with what they have at hand. But it also gives them a close bond with their patients and an insight into treating the whole person. These challenges make them better doctors, says Rural Doctor of the Year Jenny Nash.

Mandela: Champion of public health

Health goes hand-in-hand with a quality life. Nelson Mandela was one of the most outspoken visionaries when it came to the health and wellness of the world's citizens. Today, his legacy lives on in the foundation named for him, and the hospital being built in his honour.

New medical school for Eastern Cape

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University plans to have a fully fledged medical school running by 2020. The university is introducing new medical courses to meet community needs across the province.
Raising the profile of mental health

Raising the profile of mental health

The University of Cape Town’s Alan J Flisher Centre for Public Mental Health is part of an international consortium of scientists that will work to improve treatment for mental health disorders in low-and middle-income countries.
Proactive approach to mental health

Health care in South Africa

Find out how South Africa's public health care system works and how it relates to the well-resourced private health care sector. Plans for a National Health Insurance scheme aim to tackle the challenges from poverty, Aids, tuberculosis and malaria.

New office to ensure quality health care

The release of the National Health Amendment Bill has paved the way for the establishment of a new independent body, the Office of Standards Compliance, to ensure that South Africa's hospitals and clinics comply with minimum health standards.


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