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Celebrating the Private Sector as Nation Builders

Powering Possibilities Through Enterprise Development The private sector is one of the main pillars upon which the Nation Brand rests. It goes without saying that...

The National Development Plan: A vision for 2030

South Africa's National Development Plan is a detailed blueprint for how the country can eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by the year 2030. It aims to do this by uniting South Africans, unleashing the energies of its citizens, growing an inclusive economy, building capabilities, and enhancing the capability of the state and leaders working together to solve complex problems.

South African charities and community care

Want to give back to your community, donate some of your money, skills or time? Here are some of the places where you can start.

Dinner talk breaks barriers

dine-2---thumbDine With Khayelitsha brings together people of different races and social classes to have frank conversations about social issues, over dinner.

Diverse languages as instruments of nation building

Ubuntu-sessions-thumbUbuntu Concepts, in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Kaya FM and Play Your Part, held the second Ubuntu Sessions dialogue to discuss the role language plays in nation building.

Play Your Part TV series – Promo 1

tvnews1South Africans who are doing the country proud with their positive work will be highlighted in the Play Your Part TV series, created by Brand South Africa and aired on SABC 2.

Play Your Part TV series – Promo 2

tvnews2As South Africa celebrates 20 years of democracy, a truly inspiring TV series titled Play Your Part debuts on SABC 2 on Sunday, 15 June.

Citizens play their part to build the nation

A television series focuses on ordinary citizens who are doing extraordinary things to improve South Africa. The Play Your Part series will be flighted on SABC 2, recounting the inspiring stories of everyday heroes who go the extra mile for others.

How to tell a good story so the world listens

The South African Competitiveness Forum Report tracks input from many stakeholders countrywide on South Africa's position in the world. Already several goals set out...

Making democracy work for all

The Gauteng Provincial Legislature is the driving force behind the new Citizen Responsibility Campaign, which aims to get people more involved in the processes of democracy, and more aware that good citizenry is as much a matter of duties as of rights.
Back to basics for a unified SA


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