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Lifetime award for top scientist

Her father had often told her: "You can do anything. Don't ever stop." And she didn't – today Prof Tebello Nyokong is one of South Africa's top scientists in the fields of chemistry and nanotechnology.
Open-access research data for SA

Local solutions for animal health

South Africa’s livestock sector is to receive a significant boost with the launch of the Tshwane Animal Health Cluster, an initiative of the Technology Innovation Agency to develop local solutions for animal diseases.
Paying it forward with goat farming

New technology to treat burns

A South African microbiologist has applied modern technology and science to develop a new dressing to treat burn wounds. The new dressing is the first of its kind and will reduce the risk of secondary infections.
Drug delivery gets sophisticated

'Tea bag' filter delivers purified water

‘Tea bag’ filter delivers purified water

Combining years of research on water purification, food microbiology and nanotechnology, scientists at South Africa's Stellenbosch University have developed a high-tech "tea bag" filter that fits into the neck of a bottle and turns polluted water into clean water as you drink from it.

Technology on a tiny scale

South Africa is moving into the fast-evolving field of nanotechnology with the establishment of the country’s first two nanotechnology centres in Gauteng province.


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