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Nal’ibali asks you to make a promise

Reading thumbParents, caregivers and children have been asked to make a pledge to build a bond of reading. A love of reading and stories in childhood will grow into a love of reading in adulthood and a literate population.

SAA, Nal’ibali take youngsters on reading adventure

cupcakes---thumbYoungsters flying on SAA aeroplanes over the festive season have an extra treat: the Nal'ibali Story Power magazine will be available in-flight, along with audio books for their entertainment. It is all part of the reading for enjoyment campaign.

Nal’ibali’s Story Bosso is named

storry-bosso---thumbAt just seven years old, Athandiwe Sikade is the top story teller in the land. She was voted the Story Bosso in Nal'ibali's story telling competition run countrywide over the past year.

Nal’ibali searches across South Africa for its Story Bosso

nalibali---thumbStorytellers across the land were invited to tell stories for Nal'ibali's Story Bosso – the best storyteller in the land. Out of thousands of entries, there are 15 finalists. Their audio stories are available for download from Nal'ibali, as the celebrity judges decide on the winner.

Volkwagen and partners follow up on commitment

Johannesburg Skyline---thumbEarlier this year, Volkswagen, Qhubeka and World Vision donated bicycles to rural learners in KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape. They returned for a pilot programme in bicycle maintenance, a road safety clinic and to deliver backpacks filled with books and stationery.

Storytelling competition to find South Africa’s “Story Bosso”

Nalibali thumbJoin the Zazi movement: start a Zazi club in your area, follow #BagitUseit, and start talking about women's rights and general life skills. Zazi calls for a countrywide movement that will lead to healthy and fulfilling lives.

Hot line from the Cape

Pavement Bookworm ‘just wants to tell stories’

Philani Dladla is a well-known feature of Joburg's streets. The Pavement Bookworm reads books and gives reviews to passers-by. If they like the review, they buy the book. This way, he pays rent and buys food. But his bigger goal is promoting literacy among children.

Nali’ibali and SAA and the gift of reading

story-power---thumbKeeping children entertained as you travel is a problem as old as time. South African Airways have partnered with the Nali’ibal campaign to promote reading and storytelling to kids as families head off on holidays.

Literacy Charter promotes children’s right to read

Childrens Literacy Charter thumbNal'ibali, South Africa's national reading-for enjoyment campaign, is pushing for children's right to become literate citizens by distributing its Children's Literacy Charter to hundreds of schools and libraries across Gauteng.


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