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Gallery: Lindfield Victorian House Museum

The Lindfield Victorian House Museum is a time capsule of the Victorian and Edwardian periods, in the heart of leafy Johannesburg. It has received...

Top female chefs dice it out for Mzansi honours

Top chefs all seem to be men, but women are taking a bigger slice of the cooking pie. The inaugural Mzansi International Culinary Festival will look at the role of women in the culinary world, as well as work towards establishing a definitive South African cuisine. There will be good things to taste, too.

Brand South Africa urges Western Cape residents to play their part

Brand South Africa today encouraged the residents of the province to get involved in building the country’s reputation at the Stakeholder Summit held Cape Town today.

Thanda's got a whole lot of Mzansi Soul!

Thanda’s got a whole lot of Mzansi Soul!

Angela Larkan, founder of the Thanda After-School Project for vulnerable children, has been named the winner of the inaugural Mzansi Soul Awards, which recognise people who express the spirit of ubuntu in contributing to a better country for all South Africans.
Mzansi: SA banking spreads its net

Mzansi: SA banking spreads its net

SA's low-cost national bank account extends banking to low-income earners and those living beyond the reach of banking services. "Mzansi" has proved to be a hit, with over 1.5-million accounts opened in less than a year - the great majority by South Africans who had never banked before.


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