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interracial couple cassarica nadas experience

‘Our experiences are not because we’re an interracial couple – we’re just a couple.’

Cassarica Nadas and Gareth Mays see themselves as an ordinary couple – even if other people refer to them as being in an interracial...

Social media means more than just business in Africa

Social media is bringing health-, nutrition-, education-, and politics-related information to Africans’ smartphones at a phenomenal rate. Now, social media giant Facebook is investing in its 100 million-strong African fanbase to build new business.

Michael Jordaan still leading South African business

Former FNB CEO Michael Jordaan believes that obsessing about a product, and getting out of employees’ way, builds strong businesses that reward achievement.

FibreCo eyes SA broadband shake-up

South Africans embrace social media

South African internet users have embraced social media as a core pillar of their online activity, a new study finds. MXit and Facebook have the most user numbers, while Twitter has seen the most dramatic growth in social networking in the past year.
WHO uses Mxit

WHO uses Mxit, JamiiX to tackle disasters

The World Health Organisation's South-East Asia regional office has teamed up with popular mobile social networks MXit and JamiiX - both developed in South Africa - to bring emergency preparedness information to chat users in disaster-prone Indonesia.
MXit takes aim at global market

MXit takes aim at global market

South African instant messaging service MXit has attracted more than three million users in under two years. Now, with buy-in from local media giant Naspers, the company is setting its sights on the international market.


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