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Celebrate SA’s rich heritage

Heritage Day is a solemn occasion to remember our past - both its tragic and triumphant moments - as well as a day to celebrate our colourful diversity. Have a braai, go on a tour, visit a museum, or attend an official event.

Travelling the Mandela Route

Nelson Mandela was born and raised in rural Eastern Cape. It is here that he learned about politics at the knees of his tribal elders, and it is here that he retired from active politics as he aged.
Mandela exhibition goes to Paris

//hapo: museum of freedom in unity

//hapo: museum of freedom in unity

The interactive //hapo museum at Freedom Park outside Pretoria serves as a place for South Africans to consolidate and preserve their freedom heritage in an all-encompassing and inclusive manner.

Take a diamond tour in Cape Town

Tourism in Cape Town has a new attraction with the opening of the Cape Town Diamond Museum, a glitzy establishment that pays tribute to the precious stone and to South Africa's major contribution to the global diamond industry.
Two centuries of SA military history

Two centuries of SA military history

South Africa is a country not only built on gold and diamonds, but on the blood of many who strove to claim the land as theirs.

Two centuries of South African military history

The Buffalo Volunteer Rifles Military Museum in East London, Eastern Cape province, is a depository of priceless military memorabilia and regional history.
Ninety years on golden wings

US funding boost for Wits museum

The Wits Art Museum will receive funding from Bank of America Merrill Lynch to restore some of its treasured items, which, the academic institution says, are of national importance.
SA items in World Digital Library

Biko at the Apartheid Museum

Biko at the Apartheid Museum

An exhibition at Johannesburg's Apartheid Museum traces the life and death of Black Consciousness pioneer Steve Biko, drawing on a range of visual and textual material to explore what lies behind the "icon on a T-shirt".
Museum that bridges past

Museum that bridges past, future

The Red Location Museum of the People's Struggle in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth - winner of three major international awards - was designed both to mirror South Africa's fight for freedom and to form an integral part of community life in a township that acted as a crucible for the struggle.
Interacting with Apartheid

Interacting with Apartheid

Visitors to Johannesburg's remarkable Apartheid Museum can now interact personally with the exhibits, thanks to the donation of a personal audio system by German company Sennheiser.


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