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Climbers to take on Kilimanjaro for Mandela Day

trek4mandela_richard_mabaso_thumbnailWell-wishers sent off 27 climbers who plan to summit Mount Kilimanjaro with Trek4Mandela, a Mandela Day initiative set up to help young women in rural South Africa. It is the fourth year of the campaign.

Mpumalanga invests in infrastructure

Mpumalanga invests in infrastructure

Mpumalanga is making progress in the rehabilitation of the coal haulage network, which will mitigate the degradation of roads, says the premier. Construction of the Majuba railway is progressing well and the Moloto rail corridor development programme has been approved.
Sasol boost for women in mining

Coal line relief for Mpumalanga roads

The problem of coal trucks damaging the roads in Mpumalanga - a key province for South Africa's tourism industry - will become a thing of the past when the R5.2-billion Majuba railway line starts operating in 2016.

Barberton glitters with more than just gold

While mining laid the foundations of this Mpumalanga town, its geological, cultural and ecological riches make it a unique destination..
Following in Burchell’s tracks

Investing in Mpumalanga province

Located in the north east of South Africa, bordering Mozambique and Swaziland, Mpumalanga boasts a healthy growth rate, consistently higher than the national average for the past two decades.

Youth @ work

Mathyszensloop Youth Organization was started in early 2010 by the youth of Mathyszensloop, Mpumalanga, with the aim of helping the youth to succeed in their academic, social, and professional life.

Inspirational Josiah Thugwane

One of South Africa's Olympic heroes, marathon runner Josiah Thugwane, was working in a mine in Mpumalanga at the time of his historic win in the 1996 Games. He remains an inspiration to many aspiring athletes.
Olympic countdown begins

Award leaves Distell in high spirits

Fog harvesting to start in Mpumalanga

With successful fog harvesting projects running in other parts of the country, Mpumalanga province is the latest site for an initiative that will help ease the burden on communities in terms of access to fresh, good quality water.
New solutions for water conservation

Harvesting water from fog in Limpopo

Fog harvesting project for Mpumalanga

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform is to conduct a pilot project that could see rural communities along the eastern escarpment of Mpumalanga province harvesting fog as a vital water source.
Developing Mpumalanga's farmers

Developing Mpumalanga’s farmers

President Jacob Zuma, speaking at the launch of the Masibambisane Rural Development Initiative in Mpumalanga province, urged emerging farmers to use their farms to help create jobs and alleviate poverty in the country.


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