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Gauteng motorists urged to ditch cars

Residents of South Africa's wealthiest province are being encouraged to make the switch from motorised transport as Gauteng's Department of Roads and Transport finalises plans to create a dedicated network of pedestrian and cycling routes in and around Johannesburg.
Gauteng freeway e-tolling set to commence

Gauteng freeway e-tolling set to commence

Motorists using Gauteng's freeways without e-tags will pay twice as much per kilometre when the province's e-tolling system goes live on 3 December, Transport Minister Dipuo Peters said on Wednesday, urging motorists to register for e-tags and thanking those who had already done so.
South Africa eyes cleaner fuels by 2013

Fuel prices to decrease

South African motorists struggling to keep up with rising costs will be pleased to know that the price of fuel will decrease from next week.

Gautrain Pretoria route opens soon

South African motorists say they are looking forward to leaving their cars at home and travelling between Pretoria and Johannesburg on the speedy Gautrain, once it begins operating along that route from 1 July 2011.
Gautrain on final straight

Joining forces to beat crime

Licence renewals made easier

Motorists in the Eastern Cape now have the option of renewing their vehicle licences at several Post Office branches in the province.

New fuel formula kicks in

Motorists are set to benefit from the new fuel pricing formula which comes into effect this week, and will pay about R1-billion less per year than they would have under the old system.


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