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African products sold online to fight malaria

Buying a pair of shweshwe pyjama pants – they come in five Afro-inspired colours – will help to keep families in Mozambique safe from malaria. The idea is that making a difference is as easy as sleeping, says Goodbye Malaria. Cash raised is used for spraying homes to kill Anopheles mosquitoes.

Mozzie candle creates buzz

South African indigenous herbal knowledge and modern technology have come together to create a recipe for success in an insect-repelling candle that is proven to surpass other similar products.
Homegrown malaria test kit lauded

Humans, pests face off

The fight against mosquito-borne diseases has gained another child-friendly weapon, in the form of a fun game that conveys important lessons to children about taking preventive action.
Board game makes Aids education fun

Swaziland to wipe out malaria

Health experts predict that Swaziland will be the second country in the Southern African Development Community to eradicate malaria. Mauritius was the first country in the region to achieve this health milestone.


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