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Pass "Go" in Monopoly Cape Town; go to Robben Island

Pass “Go” in Monopoly Cape Town; go to Robben Island

South Africa welcomes a regional version of the global board game, Monopoly. Cape Town is the featured city with notable attractions, such as Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Camps Bay, Robben Island, and the mountain, of course, making an appearance, among others.

Lagos, an ideal Monopoly city

Nigerian entrepreneur Nimi Akinkugbe's childhood fascination with board games led her to realise a lifelong dream of creating a Lagos edition of the international property trading board game, Monopoly. This is the first time the game has been customised for a city in Africa.
Board game makes Aids education fun

Do you want to buy Cape Town?

South Africa's beautiful coastal city of Cape Town is worth more than London, more than Paris, and much more than Athens. Well, it is if you're playing Monopoly.

'Big bang' for SA telecoms

‘Big bang’ for SA telecoms

The "big bang" liberalisation of telecommunications in SA is set to shake the country's fixed-line monopoly - and could spell cheaper phone calls and new Internet opportunities.


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