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Infographic: Back into Africa

Studies into DNA and genetics have shown that the human race is more connected than previously thought. This is because migration out of Africa about 60 000 years ago was not in a single direction. There was a second wave of movement back into Africa that started about 3 000 years ago.

Zuma meets stakeholders to discuss migration and attacks on foreign nationals

On Tuesday 22 April South African President Jacob Zuma met representatives from different sectors of society to discuss the country’s migration policy and explore ways to promote orderly migration and good relations between South Africans and other nationals.

High-level ministerial committee to tackle migration issues

On Tuesday 21 April South African President Jacob Zuma convened the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Migration, instructing members on what they need to do to promote orderly and efficient migration as well as peaceful coexistence between citizens and non-South Africans.

President Zuma to build partnerships for peaceful migration

President Jacob Zuma is to hold meetings with stakeholders to discuss South Africa's migration policy and how different sectors of society can work with the government to promote orderly migration and good relations between citizens and foreign nationals.

World Bank to help save Serengeti

The government of Tanzania’s contentious road project, which would slice through the famous Serengeti National Park, has prompted the World Bank to get involved.
Black rhinos return to Serengeti

Fujitsu Siemens in BEE 'first'

Digital broadcasting one step closer

The government has approved the policy for South Africa's move from analogue to digital television broadcasting, while also approving the local manufacture of set-top conversion boxes.


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