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#HeartAfrica pulls emotional strings

When you leave Africa, you leave a piece of yourself behind. This yearning for the continent has sparked a campaign to show the passion Africans have for their land.

I Belong takes on the evil of statelessness

Four prominent South Africans have lent their support to the UNHCR's I Belong Campaign to end statelessness within a decade. Without a state, a person has no identity, and is denied access to basic human rights – even a death certificate – and is more vulnerable to human trafficking and persecution.


Linda’s Lion sleeps – at last

This is a story about numbers: 10 shillings, US$15-million, 70 years, over 160 covers and three centuries of continuous radio air play. It's the...
SA to settle Lesotho claims

SA to settle Lesotho claims

The government says it will settle all outstanding pension and compensation claims from Lesotho migrant workers who were employed in South Africa's mines.


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