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Joburg to produce its own electricity from landfill

Gas is flared at Robinson Deep, Johannesburg's biggest landfill, and at Marie Louise, another of its five sites. But generators will be installed this year at the former to turn the methane into power. When all its landfills are all online, it will produce enough power to supply 12 500 middle-income households.

Biogas project uplifts community

Researchers at South Africa’s University of Cape Town are examining how to convert organic waste into biogas, which would alleviate disposal problems and help poor residents, particularly those in informal settlements, save on energy costs.
Portable plant makes fuel from waste

SA launches new power plants

SA’s R80bn methane project

NT Energy UK, local empowerment partner Bataung Oil and South Africa's state-owned Central Energy Fund are to begin exploration for coalbed methane reserves as part of an R80-billion project to develop sustainable sources of alternative energy for the country.


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