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Zimbabwe protectors pangolin

Zimbabwe’s protectors of the secretive pangolin

Pangolins are mammals distinctive for their protective keratin scales and largely solitary existence. This animal the most illegally trafficked mammal in the world. Here's...

It is time for parity in unpaid housework

Women's Month is under way in South Africa, making it an apt time to examine progress women have made in gaining equality, as well...
South African men show their support for Movember

South African men show their support for Movember

Many South African men joined the international campaign Movember to become walking and talking billboards for men's health issues. The annual campaign encourages men to ditch the razor and grow their facial hair as a fundraising initiative and to promote public conversation.
Equal number of South African men

Equal number of South African men, women use Facebook

A study looking into social media usage has found an equal number of South African men and women use Facebook. Researchers say this reflects the maturity of the platform and its mainstream use as an everyday tool for users.
President Zuma takes HIV test

World Aids Day: SA targets men, youth

"A re Dlale - Safe for Zero new HIV and TB infections". South Africa's focus for this year's World Aids Day will be on encouraging young people and men to take the test so that they know their HIV status.


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