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South Africa’s mortality rate at its lowest in over a decade

While tuberculosis remains the No 1 cause of death in South Africa, more accurate recording and reporting has led to HIV becoming the third leading cause of death, Statistician General Pali Lehohla said at the release of the latest Mortality and Causes of Death report.

Low-cost ultrasound for moms, babies

South African researchers have developed a low-cost Doppler ultrasound device, known as the Umbiflow, which will improve primary health care services for pregnant women.
South Africa leads in mHealth

South Africa leads in mHealth

South Africa is a leader in mobile health or mHealth – the practice of medicine and public health with the use of mobile devices – and has a track record that shows the development of several successful mHealth initiatives.
• Raising the profile of mental health

Rooibos takes the fight to diabetes

World Diabetes Day, held annually in November, aims to raise global awareness of the disease. Now, a team of South African researchers has released results of a promising study that involves the beneficial effect of rooibos on blood sugar levels.
Research says rooibos beats stress


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