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Hollard commits to South African children

Hollard thumbThrough its foundation, the Hollard group has helped to set up paediatric theatres in Eastern Cape that are helping to save the lives of sick children. It has also committed funds and resources to other early childhood development initiatives in other parts of the country.

Paediatricians lead fundraising charge for sick children

peditricians---thumbPaediatricians and other child health specialists are raising funds to give expensive treatments to gravely ill children. Play Your Part and support the Spaed Team and Wits Paediatric Fund.

Animation tells the story of Ebola and how to avoid it

Fear, distrust and a lack of education are adding fuel to the rampant spread of Ebola through West Africa and beyond. To try to get the facts to people in the frontline countries, a group of international NGOs has teamed up with a video production company on an animated short that tells the story in local languages.

South African triage system to go global

Doctors Without Borders will be the first global medical humanitarian organisation to adopt South Africa's very own emergency medicine response system in several countries where their teams provide emergency medical care.
SA, Cuba to train more doctors


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